Stay Active Throughout The Week

Jeff Angel

Staying physically active throughout the week is most important for burning calories and keeping your heart strong. You must remember that your heart is the number one muscle in your body that keeps you alive. Physical activity will keep your heart rate up and will help you to lose weight. The recommended 60 minutes can be broken up throughout your day.

For example:

  • Walk stairs at home first thing in the morning for 5 minutes
  • When at work, park furthest away from your entrance
  • During your lunch break, walk outside during nice weather; walk inside and climb stairs during poor weather
  • Have kids? After work play tag with them or have a dance party
  • Go for an evening walk

Think Positively

Weight loss

Positive thinking is very important in staying motivated and focused during your weight-loss program. There are going to be days that you just don’t want to exercise or eat the right foods. This is completely normal. Everyone trying to lose weight goes through this. During these low days, it is best to talk to your support group, your family, friends, or personal trainer. Let them know how you are feeling. They will help you to get that positivity back in order to keep you focused on your goals.

Nutrition and Exercise Go Hand In Hand


Healthy eating and daily exercise feed off each other. Once your work-out is complete, you must feed the machine. Your body is like a sponge after a long, hard training session. It is best to get the proper nutrients into your body within 30 minutes following your work-out. Your body will absorb these nutrients quickly and efficiently, helping your body to recover quickly and grow properly.

Consistency Is The Key

Jeff Angel

Consistency is the key when trying to lose weight and body fat. You must stay on your training program and maintain healthy eating habits until you reach your goal weight. Sneaking small temptations on occasion is fine. But remember the big picture and the goals you’ve set. Too many small temptations will eventually set you further away from your desired weight. These setbacks may eventually get you down, depressed, and not motivated enough to stick with the program.