Group Training with Marian High School


Bring It Home Personal Training is happy to announce that Group Training with the Marian High School Volleyball Team has begun! Janine and I are excited to take on this new chapter in training for Bring It Home. We hope all the players find the training sessions to be fun, challenging, and educational. 

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The following work-out is for all players who missed practice on February 3, 2016. For all others not part of the team, please feel free to try this first training session on your own. This is Timed Circuit Training which incorporates 10 Components of Physical Fitness. It is a total body work-out that will keep your heart rate high and burn 400-600 calories if done 3 times with no rest between exercises. Remember to work at your own pace and monitor your heart rate. Always check with a doctor before beginning an exercise program.

Training Session #5 03-02-16

Timed Circuit Training

60 second bouts

  1. Jump Squats with Medicine Ball Press Up – develops cardio conditioning, coordination, power, muscular strength and endurance
  2. Straight Arm Plank with Lateral Raise – develops muscular endurance, balance, and core strength
  3. Lateral Hop Around on aerobic step – develops coordination, speed, agility, balance, and cardio conditioning
  4. Alternating Lateral Lunge with Medicine Ball Front Raise – develops lower and upper body strength, coordination
  5. Squat Thrust/Burpees – develops core strength, balance, total body strength
  6. Forward and Reverse Lunge – develops lower body strength, power, balance
  7. BOSU Lateral Hop-Overs – develops core strength, speed, balance
  8. Balancing on One Leg Biceps Curls – develops muscular strength and balance
  9. Push-Ups with Side Plank Twist – develops upper body strength and core strength
  10. Dead Bug – develops core strength
  11. Bent Arm Plank to Push-Up Position – develops balance, core strength, total body strength
  12. Jump Rope – develops reaction time, cardio endurance, speed


EXTRA LEARNING: Go to and read “5 Tips to Improve Your Physical Fitness Level” before next week’s training session.

*All participants are encouraged to do this circuit a second day on their own. Be sure to have one day rest between training days!


Training Session #1 02-03-16

Timed Circuit Training

60 second bouts and perform circuit 3 times. Do all 12 in a row then repeat 2 more times!

  1. Four count Jumping Jack – develops cardio conditioning, coordination
  2. Jump Squats – develops muscular endurance, muscular strength, power, cardio conditioning
  3. Quick Lateral Step-Ups on aerobic step – develops coordination, speed, agility, balance, and cardio conditioning
  4. Lateral Lunge with Medicine Ball Press Up – develops lower and upper body strength, coordination
  5. Straight Arm Plank Shoulder Tap – develops core strength, balance, upper body strength
  6. Jump Lunges – develops lower body strength, speed, balance
  7. BOSU Mountain Climbers – develops core strength, speed, balance
  8. Squat with Medicine Ball Overhead Pass to partner (if doing this on your own, throw ball hard down to floor so it bounces back up to your hands) – develops reaction time, overall body strength
  9. Standard Push-Ups – develops upper body strength
  10. Bent Arm Plank – develops core strength, balance
  11. Balancing on One Leg Chest Pass with Medicine Ball (if doing this on your own, throw ball against a solid wall)– develops balance, core strength, reaction time, total body strength
  12. Standard Leg-Lifts – develops core strength

If you have any questions regarding an exercise, please post under “Speak Your Mind” at the bottom of this page.

 EXTRA LEARNING: Read “The 11 Components of Physical Fitness” found under “How We Bring It” (to the right on this page or on our homepage) before next week’s training session.

*All participants are encouraged to do this circuit a second day on their own. Be sure to have one day rest between training days!


Short on Time? Cardio or Weights?


Every week I hear from a client, “I don’t have enough time to get in my cardio and weight training this week, which one should I skip, which one is most important?” My response, “Don’t skip either, both are important and need to be done with consistency.”

If you are on a mission to lose weight, the cardio is going to help you burn off that stored energy, otherwise known as body fat. The strength training can’t be skipped either, your muscles need to be stimulated weekly in order to promote proper growth and development so your muscles become stronger and shapelier.

When you are short on time, the best way to get in your cardio and strength training is through what I call High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT). This type of circuit training involves high intensity cardio bouts mixed in with weight training. What makes this type of training great for people with little time, which is most of us, is that you combine your cardiovascular conditioning with resistance training. This will give you a total body workout. You’re not only burning calories and body fat, but you are also strengthening your heart and improving your muscular strength and endurance. High Intensity Circuit Training can be accomplished many ways with no equipment, minimal equipment, or with a fully loaded gym.

My favorite way to train clients is by incorporating basic calesthetics with strength training. You must first get your heart rate up high, at the upper end of your target heart rate zone, in a short period of time, usually 45-60 seconds. Once the heart rate is up, continue on to a 3 to 4 exercise strength training circuit. For example, do 60 seconds of jumping jacks, then, with no rest, move on to 15 push-ups, then on to 20 jump squats, then on to 15 ball push-ups, then do 20 lunges. Repeat the circuit 2 more times. Now this is just a very basic example of HICT, but nevertheless you are accomplishing your cardio and strength training in a short, very intense period of time. I have several of my advanced clients doing up to 16 different exercises in one circuit and burning over 700 calories in 60 minutes (I typically have clients do three sets for each circuit).

When choosing high intensity cardio bouts, you can’t go wrong with calesthetics such as jumping jacks, scissor jumps with jabs, squat thrusts, or mountain climbers. All of these will get your heart rate up very high in a very short period of time. The cardio bouts don’t have to be calesthetics. You can also incorporate cardio equipment such as the treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike. However, I find that a high intensity cardio bout on a piece of equipment takes a little more time to get the heart rate up. So you might want to increase the time to 2-3 minutes rather than 45-60 seconds. You must be going as fast and as hard as you can on the piece of equipment you choose at the time.

The weight training circuit following the cardio bout can be set up in a variety of ways. This is where you have to be creative and piece together a total body circuit, or just lower or upper body combinations or super sets. If you want to view some great examples of this, go to my YouTube Channel. There are currently 4 circuits posted that will guide you through a variety of High Intensity Circuit Training.

High Intensity Circuit Training may not be for everyone. This is an option for more intermediate to advanced trainees that are short on time. However, beginners can go slow and at a lower intensity to accomplish such training. Remember to always check with a doctor or fitness professional to be sure this type of training is right for you.

Your options are endless when it comes to High Intensity Circuit Training. The combinations of exercises for your entire body will continue to grow if you are thoughtful in setting up your circuits. So, don’t skip weights or cardio when you have a busy schedule. Take advantage of what little time you have to exercise and maximize every minute of your workout by doing High Intensity Circuit Training.