Could This Be the One?


“Could this be the one?”

No, I wasn’t reminiscing about early dates with my husband, this is what I was thinking driving in to work today.  “Could this be the one I’ve been waiting for?  A diet I can stick with?” A new diet approach was being discussed on Doctor Radio (Sirrus XM 81).  Perhaps it is too soon to post this because my fitness-basics-devoted husband may still be reading my blogs, he’s not a fan of my quest to find the “easy way” to loose weight and stay in shape.  But I have to admit that as they were discussing The 5:2 Diet Book, I was instantly intrigued.  Who wouldn’t be excited with a subtitle like The Part-Time Diet With Life-Changing Results?

Since January 2, I’ve started and stopped my New Year’s Resolution several times.  Even with my 40th birthday looming in less than two months, I can’t find the motivation to lose those annoying five…okay, 7…pounds that are lingering after a really fun Summer 2012.  Methods that worked 10 years ago when I was preparing for my 30th simply require more dedication than I can muster these days.

So, I can’t help but think that two days of watching what I eat and five days of “feasting” could be the inspiration I’ve been waiting for.  It totally fits my current fitness motto, “Minimal Effort/Maximum Results.”  I wonder if wine is part of the feast?  I’ll let you know, I ordered the book the minute I pulled off the highway.

Even though I’ve had numerous failed weight loss attempts this year, I have been successful with one thing.  Surprisingly, it is a TRAINER’S TIP and it fits my fitness motto.  I have been able to stick with INTERVAL CARDIO TRAINING.  It’s cardio for those of us who hate cardio.  Here’s the idea, you spend 30 minutes on the treadmill.   Of those 30 minutes, you spend about 5 minutes warming up at a nice, easy pace, 20 minutes of intervals, and 5 minutes in a relaxing cool-down mode.  During each interval you increase your speed every minute for five minutes.  Don’t start too fast because you won’t make it to minute five.  This is not an easy workout.  Sometimes minimal means the shortest possible amount of time but with maximum effort.  So while the fifth minute is torture, it saves me from spending 30 more minutes on the treadmill and actually produces better results.  I’m all about efficiency.

So could this be the answer?  The key to being forty, fit and fabulous?  Part-time dieting and high intensity cardio bouts?  I can’t wait to find out.

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