5k in 5 Weeks: Week 1 and Again…and Again


If all had gone as planned, I’d have completed two intense weeks of training for my 5k race by now.  Unfortunately, as usual, I have been unable to stick with a routine that involves a commitment to long cardio sessions.  So, two weeks in, I’m pretty much in the same shape as I was when I made this pledge.  Here’s why.

Week 1

Monday:  Set my alarm, assuming my birthday celebration hangover would be gone by day two…it wasn’t.  I turned off my alarm.

Tuesday:  No longer hungover but still sluggish.  My workout time consisted of watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as I “recovered” from sets of 10 pushups or 20 crunches.  (I really think Vicki looked better before her plastic surgery…and Tamara looks great this season, she’s anti-carb, it seems to be working…)

Wednesday:  Early in to work, no time

Thursday: Feeling lazy, 30 minutes of treadmill walking

Friday:  The week is already  a wash…no reason to wake up.

Not likely to be running a 5k at this rate, time to start over.

Week 2

Monday:  Insomnia kept me up most of the night, turned off my alarm.

Tuesday:  Middle of the night visits from both of my children and again, I’m up for hours.  Turned off my alarm…again.

Wednesday:  Finally, success!  Thirty minutes of cardio with a total of one mile of running (well, jogging).

Thursday:  Forty five minutes of interval training, I’ll do anything not to stay off the treadmill. 

Friday:  Thirty minutes of cardio, again alternating between half mile walking and jogging.  So far, I sustain a half-mile at a slow jog.  I’m not feeling ready to move on to week 2, particularly since the schedule suggests not moving on until you can run 2 miles without stopping.

Well there it is.  Two weeks into my forties and I’ve not accomplished much.  I once had a college professor who was trying to encourage us to pursue post-graduate degrees.  She said, “Five years will come and go and either you will have accomplished something or you’ll be in the same place you are today.”  I always think of those words as I find myself stagnating in the same place for too long.   Two weeks have come and gone and here I am in the same place.  If I’m not careful, five weeks will come and go and I’ll still be here.  So tomorrow, I’ll try again.  Week 1 take 3.

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