11 Components of Physical Fitness


Knowing ALL 11 Components of Physical Fitness is most important for optimal workouts, losing weight, building strength, and improving one’s overall health. Incorporating these Components of Fitness is a MUST for ALL individuals who are serious about their exercise program.

This completely revised and updated guide lists all 11 Components of Fitness with accurate definitions, photos, examples, and exercises to help improve upon each one. Our most in-depth guide will provide everything you need to know to reach your fitness goals. You cannot start an exercise program without it!

The Complete Guide to the 11 Components of Physical Fitness helped me with a Health and Wellness presentation I gave. It’s the most complete and accurate information I could’ve had.” – Mike S. (Health/Fitness Instructor)

I got 100% on my Physical Education Test using this guide of the 11 Components of Physical Fitness! It’s the BEST information on the internet!” – Max A. (6th Grade Student)

“I never knew that incorporating all Components of Fitness into my workout routine would help me lose 18 pounds in 5 weeks. If you want to lose weight, you need to read these guides.” – Dr. Larry Franks



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