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Bring it Home Personal Training

Maximize Every Minute

Safe and effective training will help you to
achieve optimal fitness levels, keeping you strong
and active for the rest of your life.

Proper nutrition Ensures maximum results

Transform Your body

Nutrition is a key element in transforming your
body. We will guide you toward healthy eating
habits without giving up your favorite foods.

The core is the center of all your strength

improve Your posture

We will maximize every minute of your training
sessions by teaching you the latest, most innovative
training techniques.

Be physically active Throughout the week

Stay fit And Healthy

There are no short - cuts when it comes to
improving your health. From exercise to nutrition,
let us show you how to maximize your results.

Bring It Home Personal Training: Michigan’s Premier In-Home Fitness Training

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Please read my latest fitness blog, “How Much Exercise is Enough?” by clicking HERE.

You make the most of every minute of your day, so why settle for less with your work-out?

Jeff Angel, Owner and Personal Trainer

It’s time to take your work-out to the next level and maximize every minute. Bring It Home Personal Trainers will design an exercise program based on your specific goals and fitness levels then train you in your own home. Our method of High Intensity In-Home Training maximizes results, no fancy gym required. From multi-muscle group exercises to intense cardio bouts and active rest periods, you’ll get the most of every minute of your workout.

Our Personal Trainers will teach you the importance of incorporating all 11 components of physical fitness into your exercise routine. These components of physical fitness are important for keeping you physically fit and healthy so you can get through your daily activities without being exhausted at the end of the day. You will see better, faster results than you ever thought possible. Don’t waste time driving to and from a gym for an average workout. Let us deliver success to your doorstep.

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Maximize your workouts and increase your knowledge of exercise with the help of our revised and updated Guides to the Components of Physical Fitness. Each professional guide provides complete definitions, photo examples, and exercises to improve each component of fitness. Choose from The Guide to the 5 Health Related Components of Physical Fitness, The Guide to the 6 Skilled Related Components of Physical Fitness, or The Complete Guide to the 11 Components of Physical Fitness.

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Jeff AngelBIH is committed to providing our clients with the most effective and safe training techniques that have been scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular health, decrease body fat, and increase strength and flexibility. We will strive to keep your training challenging, diverse, and fun.  Our trainers will provide you with the knowledge of balancing proper nutrition with the right amount of exercise in order to achieve your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.