Even after 13 years of training with Jeff, he is able to make each workout different and challenging, always pushing me to a new “edge”. His knowledge of training principles and nutrition help me in many aspects of my life and I see the results in everything I do. Jeff is very conscientious about using proper form to avoid injuries, but if I do have any sore spots he is able to work around them while still giving me a great workout. His ability to combine strength, balance, and flexibility into my workouts is why I feel stronger and more fit in my mid-40’s than I did in my 20’s! He is an exceptional trainer and I feel privileged to be a client.

Christine G. / Bloomfield Hills / Age: 46

Jeff Angel’s training program is a safe, effective workout with great results. He pushes us to work hard during every session with him. He is a knowledgeable trainer in every aspect of the workout. Jeff always pushes us but never enough so we injure ourselves. He helps us to train harder, and even after a killer workout, we always leave satisfied and feeling good. For anyone looking for a personal trainer, I would recommend Jeff Angel. Whether you are looking to lose weight or get in shape he is a great trainer!

Nesreen D.  / Bloomfield / Age: 43

I have been working with Jeff Angel for over four years. His experience and expertise in cardio conditioning, strength training, and nutrition provide a personal training routine with proven results. His hands-on expertise in tailoring each workout to address the specific needs of his clients exemplifies his dedication to each and every client. In working with Jeff, I feel better now than I have in the last 20 years and I credit that to Jeff making each workout interesting, motivating and exciting. His workout regimens and techniques are proven, and if you stick with his programs and advice you will see results that not only make you stronger, but ultimately will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Tim D. / Bloomfield Hills / Age: 51

I have been training with Jeff Angel for over 10 years. He has demonstrated over these many years that he is a professional personal trainer with sensitivity to the needs of an older (I am 70) client with a variety of health issues. He is “tough” and “demanding” in very positive ways. Jeff has set a very high standard for himself and his clients. I have had experiences with other trainers during my winters in Florida and none of them have matched Jeff’s commitment.

Steven K. / Bloomfield Hills / Age: 70

For the past three years, I have trained twice weekly with Jeff Angel.  I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is searching for a professional personal trainer.  Jeff makes sure that my workouts do not become tedious; he continuously introduces new workouts to my routine. Each session is challenging, and he has helped me to grow stronger in my endurance. Jeff keeps me motivated and he also continuously educates me about the body and the importance of exercise and healthy eating. He pays great attention to detail and form and he tailors work outs to my individual needs.  Even when Jeff does push me outside my comfort zone he never pushes me beyond my limits. He has created a comfortable and safe workout environment and he motivates me to continue to exercise and care for my body.

Laura J.

If you are really serious about making a difference in your fitness and health, then Jeff Angel is the answer.  I have been training with Jeff for the last 15 years.  I have come to appreciate his understanding of how to make personal training fun and successful for his clients.  At 54 years old, I can not imagine my peers being able to physically keep up with the workouts he puts me through. Since Jeff is a former marine, he is the real deal.  He not only teaches fitness but lives it himself.  I give him my highest recommendation.  If you are thinking about hiring a personal trainer, look no further, you have found the best with Jeff.

Dr. Jeff Frederick / Franklin, MI / Age: 53